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Wikiplanning is taking planning sessions into the 21st century.

Carol Coletta, Smart City Radio

Both the total number and the demographic distribution of participants establish this technology as a very effective outreach tool. The 4,463 participants swamp the total number of distinct participants that we’ve had in our 2+ year process!

Lee Butler, Senior Planner, City of San Jose

Wikiplanning has been the most effective public input method we have ever used. We will use it for all of our future projects. 


Kevin Krouse, Bessemer City Planning Director

“The WikiPlanning tool was very effective in our community outreach efforts for the Quality of Life Initiative project. This tool offered a way for Citizens to participate without having to take time out of their busy schedules to attend a public meeting. Nearly 800 participants logged onto the site, indicating people will participate in local issues if it is made convenient and easy. The information we gained from the Wikiplanning tool, will serve us well in our efforts to better the City”

Karl Fritschen, AICP, RLA, Community Development Director, City of Owasso, Oklahoma


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